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Devid Blackmist

Devid's Illusions & Dreams:
Devid Blackmist is recognized for his exciting style of cutting-edge illusion performances headlining in major venues and television around India. Combining innovative large-scale illusion with dynamic theatrics and world-class sleight-of-hand have made him a favorite from Kolkata to Mumbai to Nepal The current 2015 version of “Devid Blackmist’s – Manchamaya - Indian Magic & Beyond” had its origin in 2010 when he started to think about his today’s original theatrical productions “Magic & Beyond” and “Journey into the Unknown.” These productions featured original scenic designs as well as one-of-a-kind jaw dropping mega-illusions such as “Nightmare of the Jungle,” “Egyptian Mystery,” “Lab Birds” and the incredible on-stage appearance of a real Car!”

One of a kind:
Devid’s illusion productions set themselves apart by creating never-before-seen twists on amazing mysteries alongside his industry-recognized creations of large-scale illusions such as the “Vanumati’s Dream Illusion,” “Man Without A Middle”,”On the Graveyard” and scores of others.

Youngest Illusion Designer & Inventer:
Besides this Devid has a special unit for Illusion construction. This unit is famous for building unique illusions and highly praised sets.
Devid's team is also known for Event Managements, Publishing great Books on Magical subjects, website building & running daring Expeditions.

Devid the Man:
Devid Blackmist is the professional stage name of Satadru Banerjee (Born 14 November 1992). He is a living evidence of the fact that "one can be a successful magician even if he don't have a family background of magicians". Devid's father is an Electrical Engineer & his grandfather was an artist. So the unified talents of both art and engineering provided him the courage to put his little footsteps in the world of magic.
Devid was interested to the miracles and magics of nature since his childhood. After being refused by many magicians whom he thought to be a disciple of Devid decided to learn the great art all by himself. He started to make magics out of broken and unused household things & did his first successful magic show with those things, at the age of 11 only. That love he got from the audience at his first appearance on stage inspired him to be a successful illusionist & magic inventer of today.
Currently Devid is a Respected Electrical-Automation Engineer & on the other hand he is a popular stage magician and well known Magic Designer (the youngest illusion designer of the world). Side by side he has interest in different subjects like computer technology, Archeology, Direction, Painting etc. He was in the news many times not only for his magic but also for his archeological findings. He is wellknown for his skills of technical direction of reality shows. He worked as assistant director & special effect designer for many T.V. Shows of India. Currently he is engadged in direction of a feature film & an animated film.

Other Face:
Devid ia a strong devotee of Ramakrishna Mission & highly influenced by the burning path shown by Swami Vivekananda. So besides doing professional shows Devid is always ready to perform shows for Charity purpose. Devid's team arrange awareness camps, free workshops, welfare campaigns through out the year. The motto of his works is to findout such a magic that can change the world & make it a better place to live.